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The First Call Advantage

Whether you’re expanding or transitioning current staff, you’ll get better outcomes when you use First Call Staffing.

Decrease your unemployment cost.

Legislative efforts may dramatically increase the cost of employers’ state unemployment tax costs. First Call can help your company minimize unemployment costs and reduce your tax burden.

Find local applicants fast.

In a matter of days, First Call Staffing can deliver qualified local candidates for your consideration.

Enjoy reasonable terms.

We respond to current economic conditions. In a challenging economy, we offer our customers discounted bill rates for standard time, time over 90 days, and overtime.

Partner with an established WBE.

Show your company’s commitment to equality by partnering with an established, nationally-certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise. We’re committed to our employees, and are 100% self-funded.

Benefit from a long-term partnership.

Unlike other fly-by-night staffing companies, First Call Staffing is a stable, committed partner with a long-standing reputation and decades of experience under our belts. You can count on us to help you with your staffing needs for years to come.

Lower your workers’ compensation costs.

  • Clear Work Instructions for all jobs.
  • PPE Assessments for each job.
  • On-site supervision always.
  • Personnel trained in First-Aid for immediate response.
  • Strong mentor program on all sites.
  • Extensive safety training during orientation.
  • Use of Medcor (24-hour nurse triage program).
  • Thorough investigation of all incidents with Corrective Action(s) implementation.
  • Tracking of all incident info (including near misses) to identify trends or potential hazards.
  • Risk Analysis performed before the start of all projects.
  • Weekly Audits performed to prevent unsafe working conditions.
  • Monthly or weekly safety training (i.e. 5-minute workbench safety talks).
  • Outside ISO Auditing body conducting periodic audits to ensure QLTY is adhering to ISO standards.
  • QLTY & Risk Manager working closely with WC TPA on each WC Claim to ensure best possible outcome for injured employee.
  • Team approach to reducing injuries on the work sites.


Hello, It has been a pleasure working with Lynn and Kathy at First Call Staffing! They are always very friendly and willing to work with me in regard to our needs with staffing temporary employees. They provide with a quick turn around time on email communication and are always willing to talk to me on the phone, whenever I call directly to the office phone number. I appreciate the help with staffing and I always feel like they are very willing to help with my staffing needs.
Deborah De Leon Martinez
Human Resources Generalist, EHOB
First Call offered me an opportunity with an established, global company within minutes from my home. Also, at a starting wage above average for an employment agency. Everything you told me about the job was true not just a ploy to get another client. First Call placed me with an employer who wants to see you succeed, who honestly reward their employees for hard work with opportunities for advancement with the company and for that I am grateful. I will do my best to refer anyone I know in need of not just a job but a career to First Call, I’m living proof. God Bless.
Michael D. Williams
First Call Staffing has been a great staffing place to work with. All the staff are all so very nice and understanding. They just don’t find a job, they help you to find what’s fitting for you and the hours you like. They also care very much about their employees and if there is anything you need, they will try and help you find that perfect place to work. Also, would like to recommend this to all who is looking for the perfect staffing place to work for to me they are the best staffing and most comfortable caring people in the staffing business. I don’t think I would change anything with this company, they are the best for me. Also, I would recommend to all my friends if they are ever need a great job. Even if you are not happy with the once you have, they will go out of there way to help you find a new one! Love these people! Great people to work for. Keep up for great work!
Carmaletta Jenkins
When I had Finally decided that my retail store job wasn’t where I wanted to be in life, I turned to First Call Staffing for assistance. They helped me gain employment with a great company as a Quality Technician. All of the staff that I encountered were very helpful. They are group of professionals and display attentiveness towards their associate’s best interests. Through persistence and personal ethics. I now manage the Quality Assurance and HR Department with the same company that First Call Staffing helped me to gain employment with. I would recommend First Call Staffing to anyone who is looking for a career change or just simply gaining employment in our current economic Market. They are able to highlight your abilities and skills to companies who are seeking valuable employees and secure a long term career with a desirable employer.
Barret Johnson
Quality Manager/Office Manager, Nitrex, Inc
First Call Staffing was able to place me in an environment that is always looking for good people. Within months of working at KYB through First Call Staffing, KYB announced they were hiring me full time. It didn’t take me long to advance through the ranks. I started team leading in my first year of full-time employment with KYB. Then started supervising a few years later. I’ve been with KYB for over 10 years now, and I’ve been a manufacturing supervisor on salary more than 5 of those years. First Call Staffing opened the opportunity for me to begin my career with KYB. It has been a successful one and I can’t thank them enough. I am financially secure and feeling good about my future. Special thanks to everyone at First Call Staffing. Keep up the great work!
Michael W. Ingle
Supervisor, KYB
I decided to go to First Call Staffing after being laid off from my job. I had ever used a staffing agency before, so I really didn’t know what to expect. I completed all the paperwork and told that KYB was hiring and asked if I was interested and what shift was I available for. I was then told I would be contacted in a few days. I was called the next day and asked if I could start the next day. I started at KYB as a forklift operator on a day shift. After a year, the position of Service Production Planner became available. I put in for the job and got it. I was in that position for 3 ½ years before another opportunity opened up. The opportunity to become a Manufacturing Supervisor. Today I am the Manufacturing Supervisor in charge of the Shock and End Cap area with 20 associates that work for me. Because of KYB I’ve been to Japan and preparing to go to Mexico. All of this has taken place in 5 years. Thanks First Call Staffing!
Rodney Dowell
Manufacturing Supervisor, KYB
I was put in PC as a Vacation Replacement. I worked in the Dept for Six Months then I was awarded a job in Rod Line Dept. I was assigned to the Moro Seiki 12.5 MM Rods Lines where I produced the Rods for the Shock Division at KYB. Within 7 months after learning the Rod Lines and proved that I could trouble shoot my lines I was moved up to Vacation Replacement. I would run lines while people were off work or if everyone was there, I was the trouble shooter for all the Rod Lines which included 12.5 / 20 and 22 MM lines. I also covered for the centrifugal grinding lines and the chrome plateing lines. In February 2016, I was awarded the position of Supervisor in the OS dept. I cannot thank enough to First Call Staffing.
Patrick Peyton
Manufacturing Supervisor OuterShell Dept. , KYB

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First Call Staffing has 11 branch offices serving Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee. No matter where you are in the continental U.S., we can assemble a skilled team of workers for your company.