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Our Process

Our thorough quality inspection process protects both the supplier and customer. Use First Call to reduce or eliminate line stoppages and prevent quality complaints. Our trained and experienced team can identify process failures and help your operations run safely and efficiently.

Sorting Project Onboarding

Customer requests a sorting project. Send service request form. Customer provides approval and PO Number.

Prep, Training & Launch

Create work instructions and train inspection team. Start inspecting parts.

Quality Assessment

Is material in good condition?


Reject & Tag

Reject part and identify non-conformance with a red reject tag.

Hold for disposition

Send part to QA hold area for disposition.


Certification & Audit

Witness mark each certified part. Audit material.

Pack with Care

Pack certified part into designated certified container.

Record & Tally

Record results and lot numbers on tally sheets.

Report & Follow Up

Send electronic copy of inspection results to customer. Mail invoice. Send survey.