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Quality Containment, Inspecting and Sorting

First Call Quality provides third-party quality solutions throughout the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Southern states. We’re an indispensable partner, offering quality containment, inspecting and sorting for manufacturing, automotive, and industrial companies. Our experienced team can ensure line performance, offer safety support, and identify critical process failures while preventing customer complaints.


Why Choose First Call Quality?

Response Time

Adapts to time-sensitive needs with 30+ years’ staffing experience, ensuring a quality supply of team members for quick project starts. More info>

Industry Experience

Decades of OEM-approved CS1 and CS2 containment experience, with accessible lead inspectors for each project. More info>

Issue Resolution Process

Identifies process failures with a 29-step Project Layered Audit, achieving an escape rate below the industry standard of 25 PPM. More info>

Process Efficiencies

Completes projects quickly and accurately, saving you money through audits, strong work ethic, and attentive listening to customer needs. More info>

Training & Preparedness

In-depth training ensures inspectors are prepared from day one, with team problem-solving, custom project books, and safety. More info>

Certified Service Provider

ISO 9001 certified, ensuring our Quality Management System for inspection and sorting meets your and your customers' requirements. More info>

CS2 Provider

Approved CS2 containment provider for GM and preferred by several GM suppliers, swiftly resolving CS Level 2 issues. More info>


First Call CONNECT-App offers real-time tracking of parts containment, inspection, and sorting for every quality project. More info>

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