About First Call Quality

About Us

First Call Quality has been providing quality solutions for nearly a decade throughout the Midwest, Mid Atlantic, near-Southern states as well as Canada and Mexico. Ensuring line performance. Safety support. Preventing customer complaints. Identifying critical process failures. Combining experienced, well-trained, well-compensated people with a proven, 10-step quality process.

The people behind the process.

Our people are our most valuable asset. Our quality-driven team members view your challenges as opportunities for success. Our teams are highly-trained, experienced and well-respected in the automotive industry. Our First Call Quality teams are committed to operational excellence. First Call recognizes great job performance, so our people stay committed.

Our people and our process—it’s a combination that works.

First Call Quality has been providing quality solutions for nearly a decade throughout the Midwest, Mid Atlantic, and near-Southern states as well as Canada and Mexico.

We’re an indispensable partner, offering quality control and quality inspections for manufacturing, automotive, and industrial companies. Our experienced team can ensure line performance, offer safety support, and identify critical process failures, while also preventing customer complaints. Our associates are experienced, well-trained, and well-compensated, so we can serve as a knowledgeable, long-term partner. Our team follows a proven, 10-step quality process to drive consistently high outcomes.

First Call Quality can tailor quality solutions to meet the needs of your company, regardless of size. Our professional associates can offer seamless support and represent you, both inside and outside your company.

It’s why quality-driven companies make us their first call.


“In my year-long tenure at Dana Corporation, we have used First Call Quality exclusively as our source for in-house sorting—both as a service to us and to our suppliers. In all regards, First Call and its associates, supervisors and employees have always acted in a professional and courteous manner. They hold their employees to high standards. Their workers are always uniformed and pleasant to deal with. First Call regularly participates in assisting root cause analysis and problem solving. First Call’s communication, data and record keeping has been instrumental to our business. I’ve dealt with nearly all of the inspection and sort service providers in the automotive industry, and I have no reservations in placing First Call Quality at the top of the list. I highly recommend their work.”
Jason Akers
Quality Manager, Dana Holding Corporation, Paris, PTG
"Grede New Castle has used First Call Quality Service almost exclusively for the last four years for sorting and rework of our product and for third-party certification when required. We have been happy with the service provided and have found their rates reasonable. They have local offices in the areas of most of our major customers, and if not, they can travel when needed. First Call has always responded in a short time when called, and we have been happy with the effectiveness of their inspection. We are also currently using them internally for inspection of our product due to staffing shortages. I highly recommend them."
Tom Gerber
Quality Engineer, Grede LLC, New Castle
“The professionalism, quality, and work ethic displayed by First Call’s inspectors and supervisors has been nothing but the best since their first day. It has been an honor to have them in our facility.”
Steve Edwards
Rightway Fasteners
“First Call’s sort and certification process is well-documented, the product records are detailed and accurate, and the support function is solid. We find the team to be professional and reliable, with good two-way communication on acceptance standards and check methods. No one wants to add a third-party sort function, but when the performance of one of our suppliers put us at risk, First Call Quality was able to put up a firewall to protect us and our customer. I recommend the services of First Call Quality.”
Marc Olshansky
Quality Director, Sypris Technologies
“First Call’s crew did a good job in regards to timeliness, quality and prompt communication. They also pointed out additional quality issues beyond the call of duty. First Call has earned a reputation for providing the best customer service.”
Thomas Philip
Quality Assurance Manager, TBDN Tennessee Company, Jackson TN